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How to Apply

To apply for a non-immigrant visa, please follow the seven steps below. If you have trouble with your payment or scheduling an appointment, please contact our call center, whose contact info is on the right of this page. Please note that with the exception of applicants for official visas, all applicants, including children under age 14, must appear for interview.

  • Step One: Complete the Online Application

    Step One: Complete the Online Application

    • Complete the online visa application using our online visa application form. Please note that you will need to have a digital passport photo available to upload to your application in order to complete it.

      If you have any questions about which visa classification you should choose, please see our Visa Wizard.

  • Step Two: Print the Confirmation Page

    Step Two: Print the Confirmation Page

    • Print out the confirmation page that appears once you have completed the application. It includes your application ID number, starting with AA, which you will need to schedule your appointment. Please complete a separate application for each traveler.    

  • Step Three: Log in to the appointment website

    Step Three: Log in to the appointment website

    • If this is your first time applying for a visa since July 28, 2014, create an account at our online appointment system.  The appointment system is available in English, French, and Kinyarwanda.  Click the language box at the bottom of each page of the appointment system to change the language, or select the appropriate link above.  If you have applied since July 28, 2014, please log into the account you have already created. You will be asked to provide the confirmation ID number and your purpose of travel, as shown on the confirmation page. 

      If you are traveling in a group, you may add additional applicants under the same account by providing their individual application confirmation codes. This will allow you to pay for and schedule the appointment as a group. Please add all applicants traveling with you before proceeding to the next step.

      **If you have trouble accessing the website, we recommend opening it in a different browser.  For example, if you are trying to access the website using 'Internet Explorer' and it does not work, try opening another browser such as 'Google Chrome'.** 

  • Step Four: Pay the Visa Interview Fee

    Step Four: Pay the Visa Interview Fee

    • Print an application fee payment slip from the online appointment system and bring it to any Ecobank in Rwanda to pay for your visa application. The payment slip will show the required payment amount for all applicants.  Be sure to pay the amount indicated on your payment slip.

      Each payment slip has a unique identification number (PIN), and payments cannot be transferred between applicants. If you pay less than the amount indicated, you will not be able to schedule an appointment. If you pay more than indicated, we are unable to offer refunds. 

      Please remember to keep your receipt. It has a 12-digit PIN and allows us to look in the system to check the status of your payment.
      If you are applying for an F-1, M-1, or J-1 visa, pay the appropriate
      SEVIS fee.

  • Step Five: Schedule your Visa Interview

    Step Five: Schedule your Visa Interview

    • Once you have paid the visa application fee at Ecobank, return to the appointment website to schedule your appointment. Please note that it takes between one and four days for your payment to be credited to your account. Until the payment has been credited, you will not be able to schedule an appointment.

      The Embassy does not schedule appointments on behalf of applicants and is not able to manually credit a payment so that you can schedule immediately. All appointments are scheduled online by applicants on a first come, first served basis.

      If you are unable to schedule your appointment online, you may wish to contact our call center (contact information on the right of this page). Please note that the call center can only schedule your interview at an available appointment time; the call center accesses the same appointment times that are available on the website. If you are unable to schedule an appointment that meets your needs, please see below for our expedite policy. Note that you will still be required to schedule an appointment before you are able to request an expedited one, and we only respond to expedite requests submitted through the website.

  • Step Six: Prepare for your Visa Interview

    Step Six: Prepare for your Visa Interview

    • Bring the following items to your visa interview:

      Visa application confirmation page;

      Ecobank deposit slip/receipt;

      Passport valid for at least six months beyond the intended stay in the United States;

      Passports containing all previous visas, even if expired;

      Appointment confirmation sheet;

      And all required supporting documents for your visa type (see below).

      For Visitors (B-1/B-2): 

      Applicants must demonstrate that they are properly classifiable as visitors under U.S. law by providing evidence which shows the purpose of the trip, intent to depart the United States, and arrangements made to cover the costs of the trip. It is impossible to specify the exact form the documentation should take as applicants' circumstances vary greatly.

      Those applicants who do not have sufficient funds to support themselves while in the U.S. must present convincing evidence that an interested person will provide support.

      Depending on individual circumstances, applicants may provide other documentation substantiating the trip's purpose and specifying the nature of binding obligations, such as family ties or employment, which would compel their return abroad.

      For student visas (F-1/M-1):

      Applicants for student visas must submit the following documents in addition to those listed above: 

      An original I-20 form issued by the educational institution;

      Proof of funds available to pay for one year of studies and travel;

      Evidence of academic preparation and English language skills that can include but are not limited to school diplomas, transcripts of grades, certificates of exams taken, and/or TOEFL exam score;

      Proof of payment of the Student and Exchange Visitor System (SEVIS) fee.  (Find additional information on paying the SEVIS fee at the SEVIS fee payment site. You MUST pay the SEVIS fee before arriving for the interview.)

      For more information on studying in the U.S. please visit the Education U.S.A. Website.

      For Interns / Trainees (J-1):

      Applicants must present Forms DS-2019 and 7002, issued by the sponsoring organization.

      For Medical treatment: 

      Please bring documents showing that a physician in the U.S. has agreed to treat you, cost of treatment, and means of payment.

  • Step Seven: On the Day of Your Visa Interview

    Step Seven: On the Day of Your Visa Interview

    • Please note that with the exception of applicants for official visas, all applicants, including children under age 14, must appear for interview.

      Please be on time for your appointment. Arrive no more than five minutes before your scheduled interview.  You cannot enter the U.S. Embassy before your appointment time.  If you arrive more than 15 minutes after your appointment time, you may not be allowed to enter. Please note that your mobile phone and any other electronic devices will be held by security at the entrance to the U.S. Embassy.

  • Expedited Appointments

    Expedited Appointments

    • Expedited appointments are available in very limited cases.  You may qualify for an expedited visa appointment ONLY if you have emergency travel or if you are applying for a student visa (F, J, or M visa classifications).  Emergency travel is defined as travel to attend a funeral or receive emergency medical attention.  In very limited cases, we will expedite travel for urgent and unexpected business.  We cannot grant expedited visa appointments for any other reason. If you have been recently refused a visa and are reapplying for the same purpose of travel, you will not qualify for an expedited appointment.

      To request an expedited appointment, complete steps one through six above.  Once you have scheduled a visa appointment for any date, the Expedite Request link will appear on the Summary page of the appointment system.   Select the option and request an expedited appointment.  The message must include the date and destination of the intended travel, reason for travel, and must explain the reasons why an expedited appointment is required. 

      We will review your request and, if possible, will expedite the appointment to a date that will fit your travel needs.  There is no guarantee the applicant will receive an expedited appointment.  If you have not completed steps one through five above or your reason for travel does not qualify for an expedited appointment, you will not receive a reply.


Diplomats and Officials

We have a special process to assist visa applicants with service and diplomatic passports, as well as applicants traveling on the behalf of an international organization (such as the World Bank, IMF, or the United Nations). Please see our application process for diplomats and official.


  • Fraud Warning

    Please be informed that submission of fake documents or misrepresentation of facts in any way could render you permanently ineligible for a Non-immigrant visa to the United States of America.

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